Beatles & a bad day

I've been doing a lot of driving around for work and, listening to the Beatles. they make a great sing-along-in-the-car band. feel-good music that gets stuck in your head. so much that it inspires you to make little art projects... more on that later.
today was a long and stressful day. and while things could have been worse, they were moderately bad. to the point where I am blindly pessimistic and defeatist. 
then I came home to Luke. he told me to pick out a GOOD steak place for dinner, because he was taking me out. and as tired as my feet were, I put on my stilettos and strutted out the door on his arm. there was a 45 minute wait. instead of complaining or going to another crowded place... we sat at the bar, had a drink and an appetizer, and some good conversation. my mood was completely changed. we had some amazing food. we flirted and made googly eyes at eachother. the waiter interrupted our thumb war. and there was zero hesitation in ordering the flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

so the good food and a glass of wine certainly helped, but truly what salvaged my day was love. and when you've got that, even if you've got nothing else... you've got it pretty good :)

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