going home always seems to bring things into focus. and this time it's shown me just how much love there is in my life. deep, committed, unconditional love. it's all around me.

the kind of love that turns family into friends, and vice versa. the kind of love that spans distance and time. the kind of love that is old, but finds new ways to bond you together. the kind of love that just knows without having to ask. the kind of love that would do anything to protect you. the kind of love that tells you to follow your dreams, and selflessly gives you the means to do so.

love that shows up when you need it. love that offers open arms and a listening ear, even when there are no words to be said. love that makes you smile so much it hurts. love that encourages you to discover new things. love that turns a disaster into a hilarious evening. love that makes you fall over and over again, and hope that you never stop.

I could spend hours and days and years trying to explain it all. so many words I could say, so many photos I could post. but even if it all was here it wouldn't be enough.

there is so much love in my life. all I can do is open my heart, embrace it, and give it right back.

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