back to reality

Well. I've returned from vacation with a great tan and a borderline head cold. It was worth it :)

Reality is starting to sink in as my inbox and laundry basket are overflowing. And my memory card. I'll share some of that later.

Life has been in such a rush, it was wonderful to slow down for a bit. I did a lot of thinking. Just a warning... that means I'm about to break into a list and/or rant. Neither of which will make any sense. (You've been warned!)

1. I spent this weekend with some pretty amazing people. Other than having a much-needed good time that still managed to be relaxing, they put a few things into perspective for me. Thank you, friends.

2. Some of the aforementioned people are the most driven, ambitious, daring, and successful individuals I know. All 25 and younger. I'm trying to take a lesson away from that.

3. Any time you talk yourself into packing a larger, heavy, fragile item (my camera, ahem) as your second carry-on, thereby forcing you to check your bag... you won't use it the entire trip.

4. I skipped photography class tonight and am feeling guilty about it. It was a lab, and it was an hour earlier than normal class, and leaving at 4:30 on my first day back from vacay when I had to be in the field this morning.... just wasn't going to happen. Plus, I kindof forgot until it was too late.

5. I need to seriously catch up on editing and posting photos. Baking blog, honeymoon, summer activities, fall activities, even some spring activities. I have photos from April still hanging around waiting to be finished. And I just came home with another 250ish. geeze.

OK I'm quitting before this turns into another to-do list!

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