some light

I finally finished editing honeymoon photos from Hawaii.

strange as it is, this is the photo that's really grabbing me at the moment. this was one of a dozen chandeliers hanging in the Honolulu airport. it was just too awesome not to photograph. the wrought iron and brown glass looks a little medieval at first, but if you look closely it's shaped into a very 60's geometric pattern. the whole airport looks very vintage, and I'm wishing now I would have gotten some shots of the exterior. they had an outdoor walkway between terminals. it felt deliciously rebellious to be walking outside yet technically through an airport. I'm so used to poorly lit, crowded, closed off hallways. it was... wonderful... to be able to catch some fresh air and sunshine before climbing into a tin can for 10 hours.

anyway. I love this chandelier. and perhaps someday if the Honolulu airport remodels, they will be kind enough to auction these off so I can have one.

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