2010: a year in review

it's that time of year again. everyone is feeling reflective. looking back on the events of the past year, there have been some high points and some low points. but I think the highs have outnumbered the lows, and I'm ending the year with some great memories of wonderful times. so, it only seems fitting I share a few of my favorite moments over the past year... in photos!

January: I started the baking blog

February: we packed up our life and moved over the train tracks

March: we flew home for an amazing wedding shower, full of kitchen goodies

April: a dual celebration with my favorite people, 25th birthday/bachelorette party

May: my first-ever semi-official photo shoot

(photo credit: David Difuntorum)

July: Hawaiian honeymoon and the arrival of PSE

August: a brief trip home for some relaxation and a wedding 

September: the annual Applefest

October: a much needed Floridian escape

November: English Tea at the Met

December (so far): baking, baking, baking...

 it's been a good but busy year. filled with a lot of wedding activities, and a lot of baking and blogging.
I'm ready for some vacation, some holiday time with our families, and then... 2011!

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  1. So happy to be a part of your year. <3 I hope in 2011 I get to do some traveling, and NYC is my #1 destination!


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