Christmas shopping and self-discipline

I love the store Anthropologie. but I try not to go in there too often, because it seems that every time I do I find the most perfect item. at a most out-of-my-budget price. more on that in a bit...

I actually did some Christmas shopping at Anthro this year. I found three perfect gifts in a matter of minutes. (I may or may not have also bought myself a sweater while I was gift shopping.) I just love when you see something and it screams out the name of who is should belong to. and now that everyone's opened their gifts I can finally share...

for my dear friend, who has dreamed of moving to NYC her entire life.
and is finally within sight of it becoming a reality...

for the sister who wants a statement necklace
that doesn't make too much of a statement...

and for the friend who needs a friend for her invisible dog
(though I actually know a few people who would have enjoyed this little guy)...

Anyway, I made the mistake of going back in the other day.
hanging up in the front of the store was this beauty:

the website photos don't do it justice. the flowy fabric, the soft summer colors, the pretty floral print? this would be perfect for a summer wedding. this would be perfect with boots and a cardigan for spring. or even fall. I would normally take one look at the price tag and tell myself to walk away. I don't try on things I know I can't afford to buy, since that's just torture.

the price tag was under $60 bucks! so I tried it on. I was twirling around the dressing room, envisioning hairstyles and footwear, sunny afternoons in Central Park, walks through downtown Princeton, brunch at the Valley Green, weddings and showers and Easter Sunday...

but when I checked the tag to make sure I was taking the right size to the register... $168 was staring back at me. I had, unknowingly, checked the price tag of the belt that was hanging on the rack with the dresses. and though I had fallen in love with the dress, I couldn't make the splurge. so I had to walk out empty handed.

so now, I've decided to come up with a savings system for myself. I can buy the dress... after I 'earn' the money by taking in lunch for work instead of eating out. (yes, many people do this to actually save money, not spend it. but I'm hoping this will get me in the habit and eventually lead to actual savings. maybe)


  1. I love that dress...in fact I love that necklace and giraffe too!
    One day I will actually go to Anthro, but for now, I have to live vicariously through others who go. *sigh*
    I'm cheering you on to save $100 for this dress! I say $100 because you were willing to spend the $60 already - AND that's how my mind works! :D

  2. hahaha... I like the way your mind works! I've already 'saved' 3 lunches worth :)


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