I'm so excited

yesterday, we got some news that we have been waiting for. for a long, long time.

no, we are not having a baby.

Verizon announced... that the iPhone is finally, FINALLY coming.

for the past few years, our friends have all been making compromises, while we held out hope.

they've either joined up on ATT to get the iPhone, or settled on a Droid.

I'm sure the Droid is lovely. many people who I know have it, love it.

(some of these people are also PC users plagued by viruses.)

I made the switch to a macbook in fall 2008 and I'm still convinced that Apple works better for me.

once you go mac, you never go back?

anyway, I'm ready to have my entire world linked up into one little gadget that's always in my pocket, with an easy and intuitive Apple system.

Husband and I will both be turning to the dark side, approximately 1 month from today.


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