week four: tape and paper

this week, my baking blog turned one year old. I decided to put on my crafty-nerd pants and make myself a paper birthday crown and some accessories.

[tangent: as I was cutting and taping, Husband told me "you are going to be such a good mother" because of "all the fun crafty things you can do". we are still 5 years away from the consideration of children, but it's nice to know he has faith in my future mothering abilities. some days I doubt I can take care of myself, let alone another life form. oh wait, the cats! ok, so I can handle 2 small furry creatures.]

this photo was not actually what I was going for with the shoot, but it was the one I ended up liking best. in fact, the whole thing was a little ridiculous. I was fighting off attention-needy kittens, the crown kept sliding off, and trying to hide the remote while keeping the props-on-sticks facing the camera was more difficult than planned. the lighting... let me just say: I miss my loft with 15 ft of windows. [even with the obnoxiously high heating bills] it's blurry, but everything that turned out in focus just looked awkward. and sometimes I just like blur better.

this one's grown on me though. I'm in a dark-vintagey-faded-with weird undertones processing phase. [I blame winter. just wait until spring, your eyes will be burning from all the bright, supersaturated colors.] [I bet you are also getting tired of tangents in parentheses too, huh?] and for some reason I look like I'm laughing. not just awkward-smiling. plus, if you crop out the left side of the photo and the #1, I kindof look like a fairy princess.

I'm just gonna go with it.


  1. I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with your loving husband, you are going to be an amazing mom. just not anytime soon, stick to baking cupcakes in the oven.

    and don't sell yourself short, cats are just as needy as some children.


  2. I absolutely love this picture! I think it is perfect.
    Happy Birthday Love & Butter. :)

  3. I agree, I'm in love with this picture you're too cute {:


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