week three: morning light

week three. the challenge was 'morning'. 

this turned out a little more risque than I planned, so I'm not posting to the group this week. 
I tried it with clothes on. but bare shoulders just looked so much better than pajamas.

I woke up yesterday to scent of bacon and the sound of Husband making breakfast.
now that's a good morning.


  1. I like this shot a lot. And, personally, I don't think it falls into the risque photos mentioned in the guidelines...

  2. thanks B! I just don't want to cause a Facebook ruckus. I suppose I can post and if it causes a fuss I'll take it down...

  3. Gorgeous! Very soft and dreamy.

  4. love your take on this challenge. nice processing.

  5. I read something from a photographer much better and more accomplished than me recently...he basically said, if you aren't causing a fuss, then you aren't doing it right. :) I usually say the same thing but I'm less...well, my version is more blunt, let's put it that way! Lol.

    If a Facebook ruckus is made, remember to take it as a compliment...

  6. this is a great shot and i wouldn't classify it as too risky...and the risky shots are sometimes the greatest! I came across your blog through the 52wp...very inspiring.


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