week two!

I have so, so much to share about the past few days... things have been insane. in a good way : )

but first, let's talk about this picture: week two! and it's still a self-portrait!

You can't really tell, but I'm sitting on my new dresser. I went to IKEA. I bought a dresser that coordinates with Husband's (the taller one right next to mine). I did a TON of laundry. the laundry pile around here had really gotten out of control. it morphed into a monster. sleeve tentacles would reach out to trip me any time I walked by. but the beast was tamed, and I filled the dresser up. and now I can actually see the floor of my bedroom. and navigate my closet a little better, now that it's not so overcrowded.

I still need to figure out exactly what works best where, but for now things are put away and it's clean! huge step of progress. so that's why I'm all smiley and proud, hanging out on my dresser.

(uh, and I think I need to paint or at least hang something on that wall... so empty!)


  1. I really love this! It's such a nice crisp composition with great contrast.

    I think the self-portraits come natural to you!


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