9 after 10

52 weeks project update: I'm still going. I'm still on my instagram kick. I'm still insanely busy but making it work. it seems this wound up being my week 10 photo, since I never got around to taking another one...

but what about week 9? I DID take a photo. I just never posted it. we've all been there, right? so insanely busy we forget what day or week it is? I took this on the train ride to NYC last weekend. I'm a huge sucker for sunflare, and I used two different treatments to really pump it up. on the way to see my best friend, having a good hair day, wearing my new Nine West purple pea coat I found on super clearance. I think it's actually one of the better instagrams I've taken. but then again it may just be my love for sunflare.

and for now I'm just recovering from a day of fun yesterday, drinking french press and catching up on blogs. contemplating posting to the baking blog. or maybe even baking something. I ran out of flour and sugar the other week and finally made time to buy more, but haven't even carried it up from my car yet. and it's raining. so I guess we'll see what happens.

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  1. Both are just lovely!
    I am a total Intagram junkie with my new iPhone. :)


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