two important things

I believe in hope. that it is the small voice inside that whispers "you can" when all else says "you can't". that is not childish or silly or wrong to hope. that it is absolutely necessary to hope, as much as it is to breathe. that there is no such thing as hoping for the impossible, because as long as you have hope, it is possible. I believe that to give up hope is to admit defeat. that we must always hope, because sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps us going. and that as long as we have hope, there is hope.

I believe in love. that love is so much a part of me it lives deep in my bones. that it is wrapped in my DNA and permeates my soul. that if you open yourself to it, you can see and feel the love in everything. in every drop of rain and every grain of sand and every molecule of air we breathe. I believe that you have to love yourself. that you don't posses the capacity to love someone else unless you do. even though yourself can be the hardest person to love. I believe that only love can truly heal, not time. and that love can heal anything. I believe that love is more powerful than hate. that love is more powerful than any man-made weapon or act of God. that love is more important than money or pride. that love is the most important thing. and that without love, I would be nothing.


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