the meaning of the word home

our vacation together in Michigan was blissful. usually these trips are far too brief, but we had a whole 3 1/2 days this time. [I know- that's a long trip?]

thursday morning after we landed, we headed to our meeting with the financial planner. sounds kindof boring but, I actually found it interesting. we talked about our current assets, and where we were heading in the next few years. the planner applauded my current investment plan: 401k contributions up to the match point, then excess funds into an IRA Roth. maybe that's why I enjoyed it- he told me I was doing the right thing, and that the two of us were going to be just fine.

lunch with Papa and the rest of the fam, a much needed nap for me while Luke did Crossfit in the garage. then we headed up to meet Luke's mom for a "joint" family dinner. the next morning we packed up and drove to TC. 4 hours is a long time to spend in a car, but I love driving through northern Michigan. in fact, I just plain love northern Michigan. everything smells of green and the freedom of childhood summer.

the race... for some reason I'm not ready to write about it in gory detail. I rocked it, and that's good enough. afterwards we drove back south to Luke's house. I was understandably sore, so I took a luxurious and relaxing bath while he and his Mom went to pick up dinner. I slept like a rock that night.

sunday we held a little bbq gathering. most of my favorite people were able to be there. we caught up on life and gossip and just... hung out. Husband grilled some burgers and sausage. I drank Oberon and other delicious MI microbrews. an evening storm rolled through but didn't stop the fun. we just moved indoors. normally I would have taken a thousand pictures, but I was content to just be, and enjoy the moment.

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