writer's block.

I keep writing things and deleting them. it's been too long since I've written and my brain is feeling rusty.

I want to catch you up on my 52 weeks project. to brag about my 1/2 marathon. to recap all my travels, and plot out the rest of the summer. to explain to you how I've come to redefine the word "home" in the past 2 weeks, and wax sentimental about the time I was able to spend with my amazing family and friends and husband. I want to share the incredible experience of capturing the happiest day of someone's life on [digital] film. to rejoice in the recent surge of inspiration and motivation for photography ideas and crafty projects. I want to talk about how I'm trying to go gluten-free, and the ways that has impacted my health, my life, and the baking blog.

a hefty list of things to share. stay tuned.

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