oh hi.

just popping in to say I survived both weekends... there were a few moments of doubt. I nearly ate so much in Charleston I thought I would burst, and getting back on waterskis [in Maine] after a 5 year hiatus was only slightly terrifying.

for now: trying to catching up on laundry, cleaning, and sending Husband off before "regular" blogging resumes. hopefully I will pick up faster than anticipated as I did not [gasp!] cram my memory card with photos this past week. partially because I'm still sitting on photos from the Savannah trip in April, partially because it just felt so good to let everything go and relax for a change, and partially because I wanted to spend our last week together looking at my Husband with my eyes and not with my lens.

[although I do have some instagrams to share once the iPhone gets hooked up]

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  1. Glad you survived! Look forward to pics. ;)


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