fall ramblings

it would seem I have the blogging bug again. today is one of those days where I just feel driven to write. I can feel myself slowly slipping into a funk, and I'm trying to type my way out of it. word by word. so please excuse me if this gets disjointed and irrelevant. I'm just feeling the need to get some words out.

my coffee is sitting on the desk next to my laptop, smoking like a mug of campfire. hearty and bold french roast. Starbucks. because even though I try to save the 50 cents and buy generic it just doesn't pack the same kind of punch. at least I grind and brew it on my own. I drink coffee, black, that's it. so it doesn't make sense to drive somewhere and pay someone if I'm not getting a half-soy-no-foam-extra-caramel-whatever.

I'm bundled up in sweatpants and my trusty beat up MSU hoodie [which technically belongs to Husband, though I've been wearing it the past 5 years]. I wish I could wax sentimental about the changing weather and the scent of fall in the air but I'm just chilled from the air conditioning. it's 76 and muggy out this morning here in Jersey. I could smell it in New Hampshire, but that version of fall hasn't crept down this far yet.

tomorrow is the start of school. being married to a teacher ensures that event will always be meaningful in my life. summers will always be marked with chaos, but the start of school brings order and routine. the furious typing of keys as Husband lesson plans, a quiet snore from the sleeping kitten perched on the bookshelf, the gentle rumble of the washing machine, the crock pot lid rattling as a bit of slow-roasted deliciousness escapes. the sounds of fall are here, if not the scents.

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