packing + procrastination

I am the worst at packing. the worst. I take forever. I get anxious about not bringing the right things, because I always seem to end up forgetting something. or having wayyyy to much. I waste a lot of time washing things I don't end up packing, and trying on outfits.

so I'm happy to report my suitcase is full [minus what's drying overnight] and my sister's wedding gift is wrapped and in the car. I tried on about 12 thanksgiving dinner outfits before settling on the above. and I'm sure I won't wear half of what I've packed. but, I'm packed.

Beau was absolutely no help. when he wasn't napping, he was jumping in my clean laundry piles and hiding in my suitcase. or fighting with Rocky. they always get cranky when they know I'm leaving town. punks.

 for now it's time to relax... beverage and pedicure, chopped marathon on food network, maybe a little pinterest-ing. then a good night's sleep and a 10 hour drive back to MI!

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