Redefining December

When the weather turns cold, I have a tendency [as most other humans do] to want to bundle up and stay indoors. Roaring fires, hot chocolate, flannel pajamas, twinkling lights… these are things that mean December. Activities include baking cookies, reading on the couch, decorating the tree, and watching the snow fall from safely inside. Why would anyone wake up at an ungodly hour and drag themselves to the gym? [Or worse, run outside in the cold?] Not in December… that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for. To get us off our lazy butts, because for the past 2 months we’ve not nothing but eat extravagant meals, attend fabulous cocktail parties, watch holiday movie marathons, and snuggle beneath down comforters.

This year, I want to change that: Instead of resolving to get in shape on January 1st, I want to be in shape on January 1st.

Last year, Husband and I ran a 5k on New Year’s Day. No training or preparation, we just went out and did it. This year, the race is a 5 miler. And instead of grudgingly going along and trudging at minimum pace, I want to own this race. I want to greet 2012with a sweaty, victorious hi-five.

Do I sound a little crazy? Probably. This means I’ll be waking up before the sun, four days a week. I’ll be running through slush and snow in freezing temperatures. [it was 37F this morning, wind chill 32F] it means I’ll have to stash my phone all the way across the room, in my running shoe, to be sure I actually get up and out of bed when the alarm goes off. Husband has even talked about doing a mini-paleo challenge: just the two of us competing for a yet-to-be-decided prize. [he obviously knows I can’t resist a challenge]  

I think the 12 by 2012 goals list got me started [see #2 ] and running the Turkey Trot last week with a surprisingly great time really solidified it. I am capable of doing this. Of becoming a winter runner. No more treadmills [ok maybe if it’s really nasty out] and no more waiting until spring. I’m going to run my way through winter, starting now.

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