two-tone nails tutorial

continuing my obsessions with all things Pinterest- inspired and nailpolish... I tried out two-tone nails the other day. turns out this is SUPER easy to do, and all you need is scotch tape. I used Essie master plan [lighter shade] and merino cool [darker shade]. I was going for a more subtle effect, so I stuck with two colors in the same purple/gray family, but I'm so trying this out with bolder combinations...

here's how I did it:
1. paint your nail solid with the lighter color and let dry.
2. use scotch tape to block off part of your nail what you want to stay the light color.
3. paint on the dark shade over the exposed nail.
4. before the polish dries, carefully peel off the tape. you'll be left with perfect lines!
5. touch up any areas that need it, dry, add a top coat.

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