bowled over

I was lucky enough to take a trip to the Outback Bowl this year. the stars aligned that we played in the stadium my Uncle works at, and so we were able to tour the press box and watch the Spartans warm up from the field. I saw Dantonio sit in the bleachers and call his wife. I watched Cousins warm up for the last game of his college career. and I was nearly tackled by Worthy. 

 the game didn't start off so well, but we roared back at half time and eventually claimed victory in a thrilling triple overtime finish. the sunny Florida weather turned a chilly 45 as the shade crept over our side of the stands, but not a single Spartan left their seats. we all stayed and watched the players flood the field, and cheered each one of them on as they walked off in glory.

damn, I love being a Spartan.

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