forget resolutions, I'm ready for a revolution.

it's that time of year again: everyone is talking about making resolutions. we're all thinking back on the past year and what we did [or didn't] accomplish, and setting new goals for the year ahead. we examine our lives, scrutinize, criticize, and think of how we could be better. and while I hate writing resolutions, I have a knack for picking out flaws... especially my own.

let's get honest here. my 2012 didn't exactly start off shiny and bright. I'm not talking the surroundings or the company... but my frame of mind. but I'm realizing quickly how sick I am of saying how I need to improve. I don't want to sit here and resolve to eat healthier or exercise more, to manage my finances better or be a happier person. I don't want to resolve. I want to evolve. I want to change, actually change. to turn my world upside down and inside out. because my perspective needs some serious adjustment.

so I'm starting a revolution: against my old way of thinking. against apologies, disclaimers, justifications, explanations, and disqualifications. I am enough.

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