debating the virtues of facebook

lately I've found myself reconsidering my facebook hiatus. tomorrow marks the 2 month point of going without.  I'll admit I was a compulsive facebooker before I deactivated... it was like quitting smoking cold turkey [or so I imagine] at first it was difficult but liberating. now I'm used to it for the most part. occasionally I get a craving for it. it does make me feel a little left out when husband tells me about the giant message chain all our friends have going making plans for a weekend getaway this summer. but on the flip side, when he goes off about some ignorant statement so-and-so made I'm glad I don't have those things shoved in my face anymore.

I think about the fact that we are leaving. I wonder how I will get the word out about my new blog... how I will keep in touch with people after I move and don't have an economically textable phone. maybe I can go back and keep my level of involvement more casual. maybe I could at least try and see if I'm able to restrain myself.


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