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another shot at this bravery thing. over the past year I have been going through what Husband calls my "renaissance": questioning my identity, exploring new [or newly discovered] talents, struggling with my emotions, developing self-worth, wondering about the future.

as you can imagine, it has been a turbulent time to live inside my head. my instinct is to put up walls to keep it in, to block it out. don't let the emotions leak out. don't let anything get inside where it can hurt you. but. that's not really living.

I decided to seek some help in dealing with it all, and spent about 3 months visiting weekly with a therapist. she didn't give me all the answers, or magically cure me. but she helped. and she gave me what I needed to get on with my life.

I'm still working on self-improvement. voicing my needs and my wants, feeling entitled and not guilty. but my eyes are open and I see what I don't want to become. what I do want- writing, photography, a successful business, motherhood- is undecided. I'm still working to define what defines me. but I know now that it's ok. my life may get messy but it's my mess. and so much of it is good.

Let life touch you. Yes, it will hurt sometimes. But far deeper would be the pain if you were to build an impenetrable wall around yourself.
-Ralph Marston

I don't have it all figured out. but this I know for certain: the key to life, is to live it. otherwise there's no point to any of it.

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  1. This gave me chills!

    "The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates

    While I admit I live in my head too much, I believe (italicized) in introspection. I believe (italicized) in therapy. That's where growth happens.

    Not all who wander are lost.

    (These pictures are beautiful, btw)


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