obsessed: color block nails

I've been battling incredible allergies this week on top of a nasty cold, and Wednesday I wound up staying home on the couch. I read and did some blog redesign and then of course turned to Pinterest which inspired me to try these color block nails. they were so easy, and turned out so great, that last night I spent 10 minutes rifling through my collection coming up with possible combinations. [though that could have been the cold meds fueling my enthusiasm]

I painted my nails solid with turquoise and caicos, then cut a strip of scotch tape to cover the center part of my nail. I used go overboard on the base, marshmallow on the tips, and peeled off the tape.  the marshmallow is a sheer white, so the blue came through from beneath. the colors ended up so pretty, and I love the striped look. I'm thinking a summery purple/fuschia/coral combo is next...

happy weekend!

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