some days

some days you have trouble seeing the glass as half full, because it seems closer to all-the-way empty.

so that’s when you need to pour yourself a drink. [sometimes literally, but mostly I mean figuratively.] you need something good to fill you up.

maybe that means coming home on your lunch break to make a salami sandwich and eat it standing at your kitchen counter while you blog out your emotions in run-on sentences. some days you just need to write it out. some days you need an escape –even for a few minutes- to remind you that you are still you. you are not your job or your car or your [how does it go?] khakis. you don't even own a pair of khakis anymore. you're a red pants girl, a mint green happy dance pants girl.

if someone tries to tell you that the pattern on your shirt isn’t olives but ping-pong paddles? you tell them after a few martinis they’ll be olives. what they think doesn't matter, it's your perception of reality you have to live with. so own it. make it yours. fill yourself up with that makes you happy.

besides, it’s your shirt.

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  1. And for me today, that something good is this post.


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