I have recently become obsessed with http://www.textsfromlastnight.com/ . People send in text messages they have sent/recieved, usually during or after a night of drinking. FML can be funny, but sometimes it's just depressing. This is much better. I love reading this website.

Probably because it reminds me of the good old college days. Some of the things posted on this site have come out of one of our mouths at some point. Some of them sound like things certain of my friends would say. And some of them are just hilarious.

Sometimes waking up the next morning and piecing together your night was better than the night itself. Photos, phone calls, IMs, and facebook wall posts were all searched through. My roommates and I even kept voice memos and lists of hilarious quotes that people had said. The more outrageous and irrelevant the quote the better.

It may seem silly to find joy in the random things that people say, but seriously why not get laughter from wherever you can? Besides, how can you NOT love this stuff???

(678): why did i wake up with a kid named Raphael in my bed this morning?
(770): I dont know but you did call last night to tell me you found the last ninja turtle

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