tales from the cup

Is it weird that I select what kind of coffee I drink in the morning by the contents of my inbox? I always have 2 or 3 cups, but I decide which flavor based on what level of disaster I will have to deal with that morning.

Every day when I come into work, I sit down at my desk and open up Microsoft Outlook. Sometimes there are 30 emails, sometimes there are 5, sometimes there are none! All it takes to know is one heinous email… sometimes you don’t even have to open them. You see who it’s from, or the subject line, or even the time it was sent and you know you’ll need some fortitude to handle the situation.

Then I head over to the kitchen and select my brew. We have one of those individual-cup Keureg machines. No emails to worry about? Mix half Island Coconut or French Vanilla, and half Kona Blend. A few minor requests to deal with? A medium roast like Spring Blend… or Wicked Winter, or Pumpkin Spice. Depends on the season.

And then there are the mornings you open up your inbox to find a desperate, “high importance”, 7:30 am or pm email. Double Dark Roast is the only thing that can get you through something like that.

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