I woke up last night and he was watching me.

Normally, Beau would be tearing around the house at that hour. Sprinting and jumping with the "crazies" and wrestling with Rocky. Or at the very least, trying to use my head as a pincushion. But there he was, sitting on top of the bookshelf and watching me. Like my own personal guardian, a furry little black and white sphinx.

He knew I was awake. I was expecting him to leap onto the bed and start meowing. But he just sat on his perch and watched me. Letting me know he knew where I was. That I wasn't alone. As if he knew that alone was the last thing I wanted to be.

I was having nightmares again. Seems like I'm always having nightmares. They aren't so bad when you can remember what they are. You can think them through and analyze and rationalize and then it's over. But of course I was having one I couldn't remember. I just woke up feeling extremely uneasy and terribly alone.

But Beau was there. Watching. From his bookshelf perch next to my bed. Maybe it shouldn't have made me feel safe. Maybe it should have creeped me out. But it calmed me down enough to let me go back to sleep.

The nightmare came back and I woke up again.

This time Beau's furry face was just inches from mine. He was sitting on the pillow next to me. This time he made chirping noises and rubbed his face up against mine. He put his paw on me. Not kneading with his claws like he usually does. Just resting. Like he was trying to comfort me. It was... unnerving. But just what I needed, comfort. So I let it comfort me and I fell back to sleep.

I woke up this morning and tried to think of what had happened to make Beau act so strange. Was he just getting older? Was that why he was so calm and didn't need to pounce on my head as usual? Or was it something more... could he actually read my moods and change his behavior accordingly? OR have I just been so alone this week home sick by myself, that I dreamed the whole thing?

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