the perfect saturday

today was far from perfect. but I am refusing to focus on that right now. why? because this weekend was amazing. specifically saturday. I got to do all the things I love: be outside, bake, spend time with friends, have a beverage or two, watch sports, eat some amazing food, and of course take tons of photos.

Jess came down from NYC in the morning to help me bake more apple-shaped cake pops. I am seriously obsessed. they are just so darn cute I want to make them every day! I will refrain from posting a billion cake pop photos, since I already have a whole post on them. ok well until I make something other than apples.

Juan Gabriel came up from Philly and the 4 of us went over to the local orchard. they were holding a fall festival this weekend, specifically for apples. hence, more apple cake pops. we got some amazing caramel apples and played in the corn maze.

ok to be more specific, Jess and I took 2348762986492 pictures in the corn maze. it was just too fun not to. I really enjoyed hanging out with someone who is almost as photo-obsessed as I am. almost.

it was also just nice to see a familiar face. and fun to run around the orchard like idiots. laughing and running, doing cheesy poses for photo purposes, and just enjoying the day.

the boys picked apples... they were a little picked over  (ha ha) but we got a good amount. Luke and I are going to make applesauce. his family's secret recipie.  :)

we didn't get a pumpkin, but I think I'll have to go back for one. I really want to make toasted pumpkin seeds! and I haven't actually carved a pumpkin in a while.

eventually we made it home to watch the end of the State game... not so great. but we did have an amazing dinner with the most delicious soy-garlic-brown sugar-sriracha-lime skirt steak. and then we watched Dirty Dancing with some hot apple cider and rum. perfect end to the day.

and sunday morning for breakfast, I had apple pie :)

sorry... apple pie with Wisconsin cheddar cheese. melted. yummmmmmm.

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