runner girl

I woke up early this morning and ran before work. the "big race" is this saturday. my first real 5k in probably 5 years. of course last week I was slacking in my training. right when it matters. I missed wednesday and saturday's runs and skipped all my cross training. but work was just too much. honestly, I think running around a plant for 8 hours can be distilled down into a 30 minute run. I was ready to quit and just not do the run. everyone else from my office dropped out, we don't even have a team anymore. just me.

but then I got a letter from my Dad. running, in one way or another, was always a big part of our relationship. he was excited when I told him I was running again and training for a 5k.  in the letter, he wished me luck in the last of my training and sent me a sticker. a little stick figure with a ponytail that says "runner girl". it's so cheesy but it's so him. one thing I have grown to appreciate more and more and I get older is my dad's sense of humor. I love it. and the sticker means a lot more than just a sticker. he is proud of me. and that is a huge boost of motivation. the best I could ask for.

so I decided to train the best I can with the time left, and run the race anyway.

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