I am dying for a new camera. I love my little point-and-shoot, but I'm starting to reach the limitations. I need a DSLR if I'm going to go much further. I know exactly which one I want too: boosh. Canon EOS Rebel Xsi. Canon because I love my baby Cannon, and because just about everyone out there agrees the best cameras are either Canons or Nikons. I could get a Nikon SLR for less, but if I'm going to spend $500+ on something, I want to get what I want. and this is what I want...
oh, if only I had a few thousand dollars kicking around! then I could justify dropping $700 on this bad boy. rent comes first. car payments. wedding. food is kindof important too. sigh. everything revolves around money... money that I don't have. I would probably need a photography class or two. it wouldn't hurt.
I've actually been looking around and found a few websites that will sell your photos for you. you load them up and people buy them as "stock images" for catalogues and brochures, advertisements and websites and all that jazz. you only make money if someone downloads your image, and you get about 12-50 cents per dl. oh, and you have no control over how the image is used once it's downloaded. I don't like that.
I could see some of my work as "stock images"... I take a lot of nature and food photos, and I lean towards simple composition with strong colors. in fact, a few of my things have already been 'stolen' off of Flickr and posted in blogs:
but a lot of my stuff is a little too unusual or personal. OH and they like stock images with people in them, and that is something my portfolio is severely lacking. I have a few lame self-portraits, but no way in hell am I letting those be plastered all over who knows where.
but, I'm not sure where I can come up with the extra funds to buy the thing. selling my existing stuff as stock images would be pretty easy, but there's no guaranteed profit. maybe I should get a weekend job. did I really just type that?? I must be crazed if I would consider working more than I do just to look through this...
so pretty. and Best Buy has to be a big tease and offer no interest for 18 months on purchases $400+. that's right, for just $40 a month I could own this baby now and be paid off by the time interest would kick in.
OR I could afford an engagement photo session. OR a DJ for the wedding. OR a hotel shuttle for the guests. OR plane tickets for the honeymoon... or home for Christmas. maybe I should start buying lottery tickets...

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