it's fall

I woke up this morning and could feel it in the air. the kind of chill that will last through the day, despite the sun. the kind of chill that makes it impossible to get out of a warm cozy bed. the kind of chill that makes you want to dig out your sweaters, even though you can't bear the thought of long sleeves yet.

September 1st. Luke has his "first day" of school. the kids won't be there for another week, but it's the official start for teachers. they all had a barbecue on sunday and I made apple-shaped cake pops. how appropriate.

the summer seemed so short. alll the heat was packed into a short span of 8 weeks in July and August, and now it's gone. I'm not ready to pack away my sundresses yet. I haven't had a chance to break in my fall shoes. I never even got a tan this year!

but fall will bring other things. football. hoodies. the smell of leaves. apple cider. visits and visitors. cuddling in bed with a good book and a cup of tea (and a kitten or two). I can trade in my flip flops for my brown boots... oh, how I missed my boots! Luke and I will find out what "normal" life together is. things will finally run on a schedule... I just LOVE when things are orderly. things at work will be crazy, but, things at work are always crazy. fall just means the production kind of crazy.

ready or not, fall is here.

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