home.com.ing (noun)
1 : a return home
2 : the return of a group of people, usually on a special occasion, to a place formerly frequented or regarded as home; especially : an annual celebration for alumni at a college or university
it's that time of year again. alumni far and wide gear up to make the trek back to the banks of the Red Cedar. a place we spent 4 (or more) years of our life, learning about our majors and ourselves. becoming adults. making life-long friends. we return to the place we hold in our hearts. to cheer on the Spartans, victory or loss. we spent tens of thousands of dollars all for a piece of paper that says: I bleed green and white. of course we will spend a few hundred dollars on a plane ticket, or a few vacation days' worth of driving time. so long as we can breathe in the sweet sweet air of home again. so we can see those faces that were so familiar... faces that were with us through endless nights of studying and celebrations, derivatives and dancing. Sunday mornings in the cafeteria, Monday nights in Cedar Village, Thursday afternoons at the Riv. Tailgate Saturdays. for one glorious weekend we can forget the real world and head back to that place "regarded as home".
last year, homecoming was amazing. I was literally bursting
with happiness. I could not contain myself... jumping around and hugging everyone and screaming how excited I was.

all because of this amazing group of people: they have known you for years and yet still love you, they have always been there when you needed them, never judging you, always making you laugh, and can chug a mean beer.

it doesn't matter how long it's been, or how you might have changed. you are Spartans and that bonds you in immeasuarble ways. it makes a family, whether there is a blood tie or not.

and if you are lucky enough, your biological family can be strengthened by a Spartan bond. "Austin Up!" and "Spartan Up!" become interchangable. both are a challenge to prove your dedication to your family. the unity of blood. cousins. so much love. so much peppermint schnapps.

I am sooo looking forward to this year! and not just to be back in East Lansing. I am going back to my actual home home this year too. it's going to be another one of those whirlwind trips where you try to see as many people as possible in a few short days. but I get to see them... my Mom and Dad. my brother and sister. my family. and the other friends who were there for me to keep me sane enough to actually make it to MSU. Amber and Danielle and baby Lilly (ok so she's new) and hopefully Katie.

watch out Michigan, I'm coming home... 

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