it's not luck, it's love

I am blessed. truly blessed. I have an amazing group of family and friends. and I feel so incredibly thankful for them after such an amazing weekend. Amber and Danielle and baby Lilly came out in freezing rain to see me at my brother's soccer game. my Dad and brother rearranged furniture and electrical wiring so i could use the treadmill. I spent a long afternoon chatting over coffee with my Mom. so many of my friends came out to the Riv, and again to my family's tailgate. my Aunt and Uncle welcomed all these crazy friends to come come eat and drink with them. we watched hocus pocus. my wonderful little sisters (Kelsey and Katie- she really is like a sister too!) helped me pick out bridesmaids dresses. we topped it all off with Mexican and a movie date. and let's not forget Luke for cleaning and putting up with the furry little demons this weekend.

I must have done something right to deserve all these wonderful people in my life. they show up when I need them, they accept me despite all my flaws, they pick me up when I fall, they make me laugh uncontrollably, and they wrap me in love. words can't really say much more, so this is all I've got...



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