my new hobby

I'm still into photography, hopefully for the long haul. but I have a new obsession: baking. really it's been going on for a few months, ever since Cousin showed me Bakerella's site.  but I have always liked baking, this isn't just a a bandwagon thing. it's just that I've started baking more and more often.
I like baking because it involves following orderly instructions with directions and measurements. and  because you can break the instructions and instead of being reprimanded or having things turn into a disaster, things can turn... delicious.

I like it because baking makes me feel feminine. you get to wear an adorable apron and create temptations in the kitchen while you wait for hubby to come home from work. I don't care if that sounds anti-feminist or misogynistic. I like baking because it is one of the few "girly" things I excel at.
I also like baking because there is a project for every need. yes, everything is better from scratch. but if you have an itch to bake, and only 15 minutes to spare... whipping up an adorable batch of mini muffins from a box mix can be just as gratifying.

and of course, I like baking because it gives me something else to take pictures of :)

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