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I am in love with Etsy. everything is eclectic and adorable. I'm definitely going to do some Christmas shopping there... I have some great stuff scoped out already! the problem will be trying not to buy things for myself while I'm at it. I've found so many things on here that I am in love with, from jewelry to crafts to clothing. it's amazing.

I love this locket. I can imagine a hundered little things to keep inside. you could change it every day. flowers and love notes, tiny charms and beads. it's like your own mini canvas- you can be creative in a thousand ways and wear it around your neck for all to see. there are so many things on this site I love, even the supplies you can get...

tiny little airplanes.

antique skeleton keys.

handspun yarn in hundreds of shades.

tiny jars of Hawaiian sea glass.

and vintage beads of all shapes sizes and colors.

I can spend hours on this site searching through items and supplies and thinking of things I would love to make. it's wierd because I never really considered myself to be a creative person until recently. I think that photography has really helped me to realize that I actually have been creative all my life.

true that I excelled at all things science. but I was also outstanding in reading and writing. and I crafted up a storm when I was little... I made freindship bracelets and clay creations, wrote plays and short stories, kept a journal, and organized many an imaginary play scenario.

since getting into photography really gave the creative juices a place to flow, I've started wondering what else I could do. I crochet, that's one thing. I bake, that's another. not sure if blogging counts as a creative outlet but... maybe. I've thought about painting. writing a book. making jewelry. a lot of things I would like to do, but currently lacking the funds or time.


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