42 days

my camera has been broken for the past 2 weeks. the Best Buy geek squad is attempting to fix it. you can track your service on thier website... which may or may not be a good thing. the lastest update:

11/06/09 1:05pm          Status: In Repair
Product has been assigned to a Geek Squad Agent or a certified technician for repair or upgrade

not really helpful, other than I know they have it. or HAD it a week ago. they said I would have it back in 3 weeks so I guess I just have to wait one more. hmph.

so that's a little depressing. and the reason there aren't any new photos. just old ones piled up to be edited. and my eyes spotting perfect photo ops everywhere I look. but no camera.

however, the absence of my little point and shoot has brought about a few positive things. it's put into sharp focus (ironic ironic ironic) just how much I love photography. how good it makes me feel. how much I want to do this with my life. and just how much I want a DSLR... though at this point, I'd settle for anything with a lens in my hands.

that little revelation caused me to do some research. apparently, my credit card has enough rewards points sitting on it for a $250 gift card to Best Buy. and I know I'm getting more gift cards for Christmas. enough, in fact, that combined with my savings I will be able to purchase my camera at the end of December.

let me just say this again:

I haven't been this excited for Christmas since I was about 7. The past few years have been wonderful- full of love and good food and family. it's been about the holiday, not the presents. which is how it really should be I guess. But for the first time, in a really long time, I actually have something I want for Christmas. and I'm getting it.

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