by the numbers

six am wake up. two socks, two sneakers, one ponytail. thirty-four degrees. thirty minutes of sweat and thinking...
one party to plan celebrating twenty-five years. three potential outfits. one loft to clean, one bathroom to clean. six boxes of junk to magically make fit in the closet. five kinds of baked good to make. eight people to share a sushi boat at six pm. forty-seven ornaments to reposition and two furry monsters to keep at bay. seven days of work. eleven days until Christmas. five gifts left to wrap. a ten hour drive home. eight days to spend in Michigan. one hundred people to see. too many days with two places to be at once. one engagement party. nineteen guests attending. no, twenty-three. wait... twenty-five. three not yet responded. four potential sources of drama. seven girls ready to squash them in two seconds or less. one more reminder of how amazing my friends are. how they will only be twelve, twenty, thirty-two, forty-five, and ninety-six minutes away from me. well worth the estimated three tanks of gas I'll burn to see them. four days at home. three days in Armada. one night in EL. and twelve hours in the car to make it back to Jersey.

that's six hundred and seventeen. just in case you were wondering.

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