Dear Self:
I'm writing you this list of things to remember in 2010. not resolutions. just some recommendations for some small improvements. refer back to it every few months to remind yourself to try. I know you aren't perfect but... no one is. just try.

1. do what makes you smile
starting every day with a hot cup of coffee. baking cookies, baking cakes, baking adorably unhealthy treats. photography. being inspired by what's around you. learning to translate yourself through the lens. running... more on that below. writing. letting the creativity flow out through whatever outlet it finds. snuggles and lovins. being a nerd. being you.

2. remember that exercise is worth the effort
6am is early, especially when you aren't a morning person. but sweating is detox. stress-reliving. endorphin-releasing. a good run can erase a bad day.don't do it to lose weight, you don't need to lose weight. you know that white dress will fit you perfectly. do it to feel good.

3. learn to let it go
there will always be negative people who try to bring you down... don't let them. maybe they're jealous, maybe they're just vindictive. it doesn't really matter. some things are beyond your control, and not worth getting upset about. some things you can't change, and must learn to accept. at the end of the day, your job is just a job. the witches are going to ride their broomsticks. MOB baby. and the only person's opinion that should matter to you is yours.

4. wrap yourself in the good stuff
organic food. people who make you laugh. love. dark chocolate. expensive perfume. a nice bottle of scotch. it means you should eat dessert. dress up for no reason. wear the red stilettos. stay out an hour later. don't save it, today is special. 

5. love is all you need
this year is not going to be easy. the economy still sucks and work is going to be stressful. you have to finish planning a wedding on a budget. there is going to be drama all over the place, and lots of family to worry about. but you are still going to be unbelievably happy as you walk down the aisle. and at the end of the day, you get to come home to the love of your life. and as long as you have that, everything else will be ok.

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