tis the season

ah, December...

I used to dread this month. cold and snowy. short days and long lonely nights. happy cheery people in love, giving eachother cute gifts, kissing under the mistletoe, and holding hands while they ice skate. and all the commercials. ugh. it made me want to puke.

and now, I've turned into one of those people. the commercials are still annoying. but instead of dreading Christmas, I'm looking forward to it. instead of feeling lonely, I'm feeling blessed. I'm still not thrilled about the snow, but I've got someone to keep me warm.

the holiday spirit has infected me. decorating the tree, (decorating my blog), baking endless amounts of cookies, hosting holiday parties, buying gifts, bundling up, sharing smiles, listening to Christmas music, planning festivities... I am unbelievably happy.

and probably amazingly annoying to all the cynical people out there. I'm sorry, I really am. but I can't help it. I'm bursting at the seams with holiday spirit and happiness. but you can be too! ditch the cynical and embrace the love. if we are all obnoxiously cheerful, no one can be annoyed.

trust me. come over to the dark side. we have cookies :)

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