fifty-two weeks

in an effort to improve my photography and get to know my new camera over the next year, I've decided to do a 52 weeks project. that means I will take one photo per week for the next 52 weeks. ok, let's be honest... I'll be taking more than that. but one photo from each week will end up as a part of this project.

many many people on Flickr participate in these projects. they are easier to do than a 365 (one photo a day for a year) but still keep you picking up your camera. many of these people also choose to do themes for these projects. in an attempt to challenge myself and improve, I said I would do self-portraits.

now. I am not talented at self-portraits. there are many photographers who excel at capturing wonderful images of themselves. I am not one of them. blame it on my being overly self-critical, blame it on my loathing of emo 14 year olds, blame it on my inexperience in taking portraits of anything but cats. I've just always been more comfortable on the other side of the lens.

so, I've decided to interpret the term "self-portrait" a little less literally. credit goes to Luke for sparking the idea. this year of self-portraits is going to be little snapshots of "me". not just me physically. things I do, things I love. baking, running, blogging, Luke, the cats, my camera, flowers, sunshine, a sense of adventure... it might get a little abstract. but really, any time I press the shutter it's because something moves me to do so. and I think that counts.

that being said, I took the opportunity of this being the first official week of the project (and my new 50mm lens arriving!) to get the cliche, cheesy, me-in-the-mirror shot out of the way :)

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