baking electricity?

I'm starting a baking blog.

several friends have encouraged me to do so, and I'm taking their advice. because I love baking. and I love photography. and darn it, I love baking blogs.

I've got a stack of recipes I've been itching to try, and a whole photo archive of things I've already done. I just need to figure out what to call it, and spruce up a nice little blog page.  right now I'm debating whether to start from scratch with some cute and creative yet currently unknown name... or do I link up to this blog with "baking electricity: one cupcake at a time"? if this blog is going to be linked, I'm going to have to clean a few things up and bring in the focus a bit.  "life, photography, and love" seems like a cheesy but workable tagline. (it's pretty much what I blog about now, only less random-sounding)

when will it launch? tbd. I'd love to say: when I move into my new, large kitchen with tons of natural light and stainless steel appliances. but I'd like to do this in the next 10 years. so I'm going to think the name over a bit and see what happens.

hmmm. it could be cute. in the meantime, I'll start thinking of baking aphorisms...
two things in life must always be real: love and butter

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