to be clear...

in the previous post, I was referring to a metaphorical waiting room. I was not actually at the doctor's. I do not have some kind of illness or disease. I am perfectly healthy.

also, I am not pregnant. nor do I plan to be in the next 5+ years. I do not have anything against those who currently have children, and I think that being a Mother is a wonderful thing. it's just that my life plans are taking me other places first. no offense meant to my potential future children- but I've got some life left to live before they come along. there are goals to be accomplished, adventures to be had, loans to pay off, and dreams to be realized. and many of these things would not be possible with children.

and the below post with all it's charts and caveats... is simply the complicated way for us to accomplish those goals, have those adventures, and realize our dreams. end of story.

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