a few of my favorite things

love is a strange word. 
we apply it to a variety of people, places, and things every day. 
but each time meaning something slightly different.

tomorrow marks the start of the move. 
also, Luke and I's six year anniversary. 
and a little holiday involving some baby named cupid. 

so. a list of a few things I love:

I love... him.
and I love these shoes.
but not in the same way I love this little fuzzball.
or the way I love baking
(it kinda hurt to pack this stuff)

and for your random fact of the day:
the first time someone told me that he loved me, 
I punched him in the face.
(it wasn't Luke)

since then, I've learned to embrace the love in life.

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  1. You forgot one thing you love: me :) You and him are sickeningly cute and I adore your shoes!


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