why is Beau in a box looking so confused? why have I not been blogging lately? because I'm moving in 4 days.  this will be, in fact, my fourteenth move since 2003. that's two moves per year. that's insane. SO I've been packing. Beau has been pretending to help.
once again, my life has been packed into boxes and taped up tight. everything has been sorted through, its value weighed... and either carefully placed in protection for its journey, or pitched in the trash. you would think by now, after moving almost twice a year for nearly a decade, I was used to sorting through my possessions and playing triage. but there are some things I cannot bear to part with.
these pants. camo isn't really in style anymore (is it?) and I haven't worn them in public for at least 3 years, but I just can't throw them away. too many memories. and far too comfortable. you'll also notice I'm holding a pair of jeans. those are the same jeans I ripped in September, my favorite jeans, and I haven't thrown them away yet. that's right. I loved those jeans so much that nearly six months after their demise, I cannot let them go. I think I might have a problem.
other than the jeans and the camo pants, I've done fairly well. 6 garbage bags stuffed full of clothes found their way out of my closet and into a donation bin. that felt pretty good. and the stuff that stayed is mostly packed up, thanks to the blizzard rolling through the east coast (which resulted in a snow day).
nothing but white out there. I'd love to go out and take some cool snow photos but I'm not about to turn my camera into a popsicle. if it ever stops snowing, maybe I'll get a chance. I'd really love to do something cool because...
my remote finally showed up! so of course I had to be a nerd and take photos while packing. and write a long and ridiculous post about it. it's just how I roll. at least on snow days when I go a little crazy.
and I don't think it helps to be surrounded by boxes and suitcases and boxes and dis-assembled furniture and boxes and even more boxes. Beau, however, seems to be enjoying his new jungle gym.
and if you don't really believe me about the 14 moves...
2003: from home to college (1)
2004: from college to home to college again (2)
2005: from college to home to college apt to other college apt (3)
2006: from college to home (1)
2007: home to NYC to home to college to college to home to NJ (5)
2008: a lot of travel happened this year, but no official move (0)
2009: moved south to Princeton (1)
2010: moving just over the train tracks, but it's still a move (1)

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