15 minutes of fame

I'm sure that anyone who read this blog has heard by now:
today, I logged in to Tasty Kitchen to check out the latest blog post.

    and I found... 


that I submitted. is a featured recipe.
I'm still completely flabbergasted. my recipe submission. 
is one of the featured recipes. on Tasty Kitchen. 
the third recipe that I've submitted. is featured.  

who knows how many people have visited today?
and they all got to see one of my photos.
and the recipe that I submitted, thanks to Luke's family.
absolutely mind-boggling.

in an amazingly awesome, makes me ecstatic way.
the still doing a happy dance in my chair way.
the have to reward yourself with a haircut way.
(trust me, it makes sense)

so, I'm going to try to get over the mind-boggled-ness.
and just bask in the good feeling.


  1. Congrats!!! That is awesome to be featured on such a fab blog!
    Just keep right on basking, I say! :)

  2. thanks Kim! I'm still in shock. if I hadn't of taken pictures I would swear I dreamed it!

  3. This is so exciting!!!! Super happy for you! And I would like to eat these one day <3


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