if I haven't mentioned it before, you should know that I may have a slight obsession with The Pioneer Woman. I love reading her site every day. she's quirky and funny and honest. she's such a real person. not to mention her recipes are delicious, and her photography is gorgeous. check her out and you will be hooked, I promise.

part of PW's awesome-ness is that she hosts a ton of giveaways for her readers. one of which involves "photography assignments" through her group on Flickr. this week's theme is cat photos... which I obviously have a TON of. so I entered a few of my favorite little fuzzball snapshots.

including this one:
hide and seek

my all-time favorite Rocky photo. one of the few I have of her... she's camera shy.

and, surprise of all surprises, it showed up here. I'm still in shock over the whole peanut butter cupcake thing. my brain, literally, cannot process this one. it hasn't registered yet. I know winning is a long shot, and I'm just in group 1 of 4, from which the finalists will be chosen... but it's still an honor to be picked. (I mean, look how gorgeous those other photos are!) and as geeky-fangirl as it sounds, I'm even more honored to be picked by someone like PW.

wow. only eight days in, and march is shaping up to be pretty awesome.

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