march (and april) madness

things are a mess. busy and all over the place. but there is a plan. several plans, in fact.

this weekend: a birthday party and playing in the kitchen
next weekend: flying back to MI for a wedding shower or two all crammed in to 72 hours
the following weekend: housing a visitor and touristy things in NYC
weekend after that: two visitors, some wedding related-things, and cousin time

and then there is a 2 weekend "lull" in which I need to:  get all the boxes from the move emptied so I can use my kitchen table. paint the last wall and finally finally hang up pictures. (ideally this would happen before the visitors start showing up, but I know they'll love me even if my home is not yet home-y). and before I hit 25 I need to change over my car insurance, registration, and drivers license. if possible I'd also like to play with my camera. and keep the baking blog up to date. and find an affordable honeymoon that isn't too far away but will still feel like a vacation. and prematurely plan and re-plan seating charts as I file RSVPs. and do all the little things I haven't been able to do because I've just been so darn busy!

THEN the last weekend in April: flying home for my 25th birthday/ bachelorette party.

a lot of enjoyable social activities, and a long to-do list. while most of this is already planned, some of my plans are to finish making plans. but at least I have a plan to plan. the next few months will be insanely busy and chaotic, but it makes me feel better that the chaos is organized. organized chaos. yes, those are the best two words to describe life right now.

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  1. 25th birthday? You're getting old, lady ;)

    I gave you the beautiful blogger award because I love your blog with its organized chaos and fabulous photography!



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