25 before 26

originally, I had planned to write another "25 things" list to commemorate my 25th birthday. you know, a revised version of those super-cool notes we all wrote early last year on facebook. it was interesting to go back and see how much has changed since last January. but also the thing that will never change.

lately I've been seeing people write "25 goals to achieve before 26" lists. I'm beginning to think that... while I've enjoyed the first 25 years of my life, looking back and evaluating (yet again) isn't really the right way to celebrate it. so while it isn't very original, this seems much more appropriate. normally I would try to put some kind of logical order to this, but today I'm just leaving it as is...

1. survive all the drama and enjoy the wedding.
2. start selling prints online- through Etsy, Facebook, or my own site.
3. write and send thank yous for all of the wedding gifts.
4. clean and organize my office at work.
5. make PW's glazed doughnuts. die from happiness.
6. finish the 52 weeks project. 16 complete, 36 to go.
7. run consistently.
8. finish the bunny slippers I started crocheting in late 2008.
9. book a photoshoot. even if it's a friend who is paying in margaritas.
10. eat a fresh pineapple, right off the tree.
11. host a giveaway on the baking blog.
12. take a decent self-portrait.
13. plan and book an out of country vacation.
14. save money for above trip.
15. make all of my car payments.
16. sign up for photography classes.
17. order a wedding album. even if it's just a book from snapfish.
18. teach myself how to shoot in all the semi-manual and manual modes on my Xsi.
19. go camping.
20. start a tastespotting account to promote the baking blog.
21. finish unpacking and decorating the apartment.
22. launch the photography website.
23. print off photos and decorate my office so that the space is more enjoyable.
24. run an 8k or longer race.
25.  spend a day with my camera in Central Park.


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  2. 9. book a photoshoot. even if it's a friend who is paying in margaritas.

    or long islands?

  3. umm... or free vodka tonics? I think sunday might count!

  4. I did a similar list of 43 things to do before I turn 43. If you've ever heard of the site 43things.com, well that's why I chose the number. I've also done a 101 things in 1001 days list, which is a longterm project over about 2 and a half years. It was a lot of fun!


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