victory and defeat, perspective and patience

as Wichita falls, so falls Wichita Falls...
The Ice Harvest. interesting movie, though they use the F word a lot. and kill people. and hang out at strip clubs. probably the last thing a picture like this would make you think of. but, there it is.

I started running again. no more excuses. I'm not even going to list them, though it's tempting since a few are actually pretty legit. no excuses from now on, just do it. (thanks, Nike) each day will get a little bit easier. and regardless of how fast or how far, each step is a small victory. each moment is a chance to clear my head, to think things through, to prepare for whatever the day will bring. and no matter what happens, how bad the day may get, there is always the next day. I get to start fresh, start positive. I get to wake up every morning, and start my day with hundreds of tiny victories.

that thought helps me get through the bad days. like the days when you try to switch over your license and registration, only to realize you can't remember where your passport is because you still haven't finished unpacking from that move 3 months ago. and you find it, of course, 5 minutes after the DMV closes. so you decide to go Monday morning. but then you discover that you need your car title to change over the registration. and you most definitely do not have your car title, because... it is back in Michigan at your parents house. but I suppose that's why they invented overnight priority mail.

I've been thinking about the baking blog, and photography in general the past few days. I've been feeling guilty and lacking motivation and there's no real reason for it. no one is accusing me of having a harmful agenda. I'm thinking that I may change the name though. and start posting things other than baked goods. I've got some killer recipes hanging out in my kitchen. we made biscuits and gravy this morning- from my Uncle's recipe- and I almost died of happiness. but there are also healthy things I make than can be shared. I can think of a hundred things that could be worse for the world than my baking blog. there's nothing wrong with loving food and loving photography, and sharing that with people.

and the final bit of news... Luke and I booked a honeymoon! we unexpectedly came into some money. and though we could use about twenty times that amount to cover things like student loans and car payments... we booked a honeymoon anyway. and we are going to... HAWAII! I'm so so so excited! we didn't even think we could go anywhere at all, and now we are going to have an amazing vacation. sometimes things just fall into place.

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